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ictor Henao may not be a household name

yet, but his number one client certainly is:

Kendall Jenner. The New York-based makeup

artist and the supermodel have struck up a

close working relationship that has evolved

into friendship. “She’s my buddy,” he says during a quick

breakfast meeting in Toronto. “She’s very sweet and

incredibly hardworking. I don’t think people realize how

hard she really works.”

The same could be said for Henao who is one of Estée Lauder’s

Global Pro Makeup Artists. He shares his expertise and keen

eye for color in everything from product development to face

charts. What’s surprising is he took to makeup artistry later

in life than most. “I had never picked up a makeup brush until

high school when all my friends were going to junior prom. I

started doing their makeup.” This quickly fueled a passion

for cosmetics that has made him a rising star. “I grew up in

New York City’s suburbs and convinced my mother to take

me to a Chloé fashion show at the age of 13,” he laughs. “I

guess I was always interested in fashion.”

Developing a name for yourself in makeup artistry in New

York is a challenge. “You don’t need to go to beauty school.

You just have to have passion and always believe in yourself.

Never give up, and know that your talent is enough. That is

what I tell anyone starting out in the industry.”

So what does one of New York’s top makeup artists say to wear

with spring’s citron-hued dresses? “I’d keep the makeup very

neutral with this look. I normally love bold lip colors, but you

don’t want the color competing with the dress. When there is

a strong print, I like to create a graphic eye to complement the

pattern. That is one of my signature looks.” You’ll be excited

to see Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Makeup Collection

featured in this issue. You know Henao and Jenner will be

playing with these products.

We have some seriously exciting launches to share with you

this month: MAC & Ms Min, Mon Guerlain and Dior’s Hydra

LIFE. We even have baking tips from Amanda Seyfried. I hope

you enjoy this issue.

Best wishes,


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