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was fortunate to grow up on Georgian Bay in Ontario,

a massive freshwater lake with beautiful white sand

beaches. We’d spend hours swimming, building sand

castles and lying on massive beach towels.

Unfortunately, sun protection was never discussed.

By the second week in June, I’d be lobster red and would

be slathering on Noxema over my bad burns. Four days later,

I’d repeat the process. I think my grandmother may have

had a bottle of sunscreen with SPF 4 in it. But she was more

concerned with the scent that reminded her of the pina

coladas she discovered on her one trip to Hawaii years earlier

than actual protection.

Thankfully, we now know the danger of too much sun

exposure. Not only does it accelerate the signs of skin aging,

but it can lead to skin cancer. I’ve actually had a large sun

spot removed that my doctor said looked suspicious. My

best advice is to find a good quality sunscreen that you like

the texture of and will wear. Sunscreen is useless if you won’t

wear it. Shiseido, Clarins and Kiehl’s all have really good

formulas. The biggest advances in sun protection lately are

lighter formulas that feel good on skin.

I often get asked if makeup with SPF is enough protection?

The answer is sadly, no. Think of it as an added bonus. The

sunscreens in makeup don’t provide enough protection. You

need to start with a good sunscreen first. Be sure to apply on

the top of your ears, back of the neck and for women, the

back of your legs. That is the most common place for skin

cancer to appear. I’m thinking it is because it is the spot most

people forget when applying.

This issue is packed with the best summer beauty, skincare

and fragrance launches. You’ll find our special men’s section:

Grooming the guide

this month. And there are some really

interesting interviews. I hope you enjoy this issue.

Best wishes,


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